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[Warning, this article contains SPOILERS, do not read if you haven't watched the episode]

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     After national party fiasco where Jenna, Matty Sully, Tamara and Luke succeeded to get Jake fired from his job at the country club, the latters decide to make amend by organizing a party. Jenna even says :

"It's the worst thing we have done to Jake... ok, it's the second worst thing we have done to Jake."

     This sentence refers to Matty-Jenna’s relationship when she was dating Jake.

     Inwardly, despite her regrets for Jake, she says how much she is happy to be friends with Matty again. 

     For his part, Jake has a great talk with Lissa about his future. He is completely destroyed by the loss of his job, because for him, it was his future and his only aim in life. However, Lissa hoped to benefit from this opportunity to raise Jake’s social level. She wants him to think about his future by becoming a country club member and not a manager. 

     On Idea Bin, Jenna is still looking for her place and is informed she is not in Lizzy’s - her boss - good books, unlike Ophelia or Luke.  With Ophelia’s advices, Jenna finds inspiration in issues where people could take their inspiration from.
     She writes an article about her friendship with Matty by saying how they became lovers then friends and lovers again and friends once again. Satisfied by her paper, she offers it to her boss for an online review.
     Nonetheless, Luke doesn’t approve Matty and Jenna’s friendship and we can understand why.

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     The party is approaching and Jenna’s friends worked their guts out in organizing Jenna’s house. Luke disapproves the former lovers’ friendship but he acts as if there is nothing amiss. 
     During that time, Sergio and Sadie try new things but time seems to separate them more than anything. Each of them learnt with others and this change is disturbing them.

     Tamara meets up with her handsome wealthy guy, Patrick, from the country club but she can’t convince herself to reveal her situation so she lies about herself and pretends to be wealthy in presence of her Upper East Side friend.

     Jake finally shows up. Surprise!  Indeed he was not expecting this. He forgives everyone and joins the party.  
     At this moment Jenna was informed that his paper hits the headlines. Luke and her are excited but she becomes disillusioned when she sees the title of her paper is not the same. Now it praises her ‘ex-lover’s loser’.
     Sadie and Sergio find a common ground understanding that change is for the best.

     While Jake is trying to convince himself he doesn’t miss the country club, Jenna tries to hide Matty’s article. In the first case, it seems to be ok : thanks to Ally, Jake gets his job back (it doesn’t make Lissa happy, who breaks up) ; in the second case, it gets worsen: Matty finds out the article and raise a scandal. He leaves with Sully who insults Jenna by calling her a ‘Real bitch’. The latter tries to raise her voice to Matty but he doesn’t want to listen. 

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     In front of the main entrance, Jenna, who is sobbing, tries to get forgiveness but Matty doesn’t want to be friends with her anymore. He tells her she didn’t know anything about the break up, that he really was suffering and depressed in the aftermath.
     Moreover, he adds Jenna made no effort to take some news, that it’s always like that with her.

     Jenna falls apart while watching his old friend turning back and walking away… once again. 

My opinion

     I had so many expectations about this episode. Well, in the previous one we got our favorite pair back. Unfortunately, once again, Jenna’s character seems unbearable although human. Not an episode of reunion and she finds a way to blow it up.
     I think the only interesting part of this episode is Jake’s arc who is trying to pull through with a job he appreciates but nothing goes as planned. Further, with a Lissa who is trying to create Jake as her phantasmagoric man, I think there are many questions about their relationship with the other and integrity about being a couple.
     Where is the limit of a person in a couple?
     The arc between Sadie and Sergio is slow and lacks of dynamism although the change and acceptance of the other is a good topic.
     Although we can’t feel frustrated because of our heroine and this heartbreaking end.

Jenna or the modern Narcissus

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     As everybody knows, Narcissus is a mythic character who drowned due to too much fascination for his own reflection. It suits Jenna. She is the Narcissus of modern times.
     Indeed, in the final talk with Matty, he blamed her for not taking news when he wasn’t feeling good, to be concerned just about herself and her own sadness. And it’s true.
     Notice that Jenna wrote this article to be included to Idea Bin in the first place. During each season, it was the same reproach made to her from people close to her : from her mom, her dad, T. and Matty.

     Let’s forget her grown-up moments she supposedly retained on this ellipsis year, the higher final that this show can offer is a Jenna caring about others over her booming drama. Even if that makes her a really good writer. 

written by 
Alex', AJI Team

translated by
PoO and Izzy

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