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Awkward - Teen sitcom, full of misunderstandings!

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     I started Awkward from the very beginning and I immediately got into it. It's simple : the speech is catchy, there is humour, and obviously there's lots of romance ! Clumsy romance, passionate romance, in short, teen romance. We can see ourselves in the main character, in her questions, in her problems. Because after all, she's worked up with teenagers' problems,
     This series is a true source of joy, full of delights and sharp boosters. With such a show, one can only have a good time, being a girl or a boy.

© MTV - Awkward

Synopsis :

     Jenna, a 15 discrete and ordinary teenage girl, goes back to high school after spending a peculiar summer. Indeed, she has lost her virginity with Matty McKibben, the popular guy, but he wants to keep it secret. So far, things are ok. But everything swings when she receives an anonymous and cruel letter and after many accidental happenings she breaks her arm.

     So her peaceful beginning of the year gets turned into a nightmare : everybody thinks she tried to commit suicide. Her parents, her schoolmates, even Matty. Valery Marks, the school councelor, takes her under her wing to help her fix her "break-down" but Jenna opens up to her personal diary/blog and writes her misfortunes.

© MTV - Awkward

Creator: Lauren Iungerich

Main Cast:
     Ashley Rickards: Jenna Hamilton
     Beau Mirchoff: Matty McKiben
     Brett Davern: Jake Rosatti
     Jillian Rose Reed: Tamara Kaplan
     Jessica Lu: Ming Huang
     Molly Tarlov: Sadie Saxton
     Nikki Deloach: Lacey Hamilton
     Desi Lydic: Valerie Marks

Number of seasons : 5 (on going)

© MTV - Awkward

A few quotes :

" Hey, skinny bitch!" - Sadie
"Yeaah?" - Lacey, Valerie, Ally

"Okay, now we need a dude. No, not you Clark, we need a real dude" - Sadie

" How about you?" - Clark

"Well, I already know your name. It's Sadie Sucks-ton, right?... Sorry, I'm not sorry" - Jenna
"You... are such... a bitch. I like you" - Sadie

© MTV - Awkward

what's more to know :

     The actress playing Tamara (Jillian Rose Reed) recently posted a video, with the cast involvement, of a song she did when she was 13 years old. The song never came out. 
written by
Alex’, AJI Team.

translated by
Izzy, AJI Team

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